Vice-President Yosiwo P. George Participated at the Turn-Over Ceremony of the new NMHS Library and Classroom Building
Press Release #1706-02

Palikir, Pohnpei
FSM Information Services
June 7, 2017

The Honorable Vice-President Yosiwo P. George participated at the Turn-Over Ceremony of the new Nanpei Memorial High School Library and Classroom Building in Kitti Municipality, which was held in the afternoon of May 26, 2017.  The new building is funded by the Government of the US to build a new Library and Classrooms to accommodate the increase number of students attending NMHS. 

The new NMHS building
has a librarian room, a computer lab, a general reading areas and utility rooms.  The reading areas have a seating capacity of 52 students while the computer lab has a capacity of 12 students. The second floor has 4 classrooms, 2 restrooms, and custodian room.  Each classroom has a capacity of 30 students. 

Vice President George expressed that not only this new building is perhaps the best and prettiest in Pohnpei State or beyond but it will require a “standardized school curriculum, a well-resourced and balanced teaching instruction, good school policies and rules, qualified teachers certified by the National Government and a workable education management plan” to make NMHS the best school in Pohnpei State.

In his statement, Vice President George expressed that he was very proud of this  new building because “it is perhaps the only public school facilities in Pohnpei that has a ramp to help students with disabilities in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).”  He congratulated Pohnpei State for ensuring that this ramp is built and encouraged other FSM States to follow the example set forth by Pohnpei State.

In his statement, Vice President George expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the people and Government of the United States (US) through Ambassador Robert Riley who attended the turn over ceremony on behalf of the Government of the US. 

Vice President George indicated that he was happy to see Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State, the Honorable Reed Oliver, officials from Pohnpei State, and members of the Pohnpei State Legislature   gathered in Kitti to witness the ceremony, which was an indication of great appreciation and thankfulness for the successful completion of the important project.

At the end of his statement, Vice President George conveyed that the FSM National leadership shares the same feeling of pride and appreciation for the completion of the new building. He stated that the new building is and would become a permanent landmark in Kitti Municipality.  It would stand not only as a symbol of the strong partnership between FSM and US but also symbolize a strong partnership through the Compact of Free Association.   This would also connect
the students of NMHS to the rest of the world and open the gateways for students to better cope with connected global society.

Vice President George reiterated that the FSM highly values and enjoys its diplomatic relationship with US, which entered into force in 1986 and that the FSM has remained committed and will continue to work closely with the US through the Compact of Free Association.

Vice President George concluded his statement by thanking the Nanpei family for their support and commitment to education and promote goodwill for the people of Pohnpei State.  He indicated that this school has a rich historical significance; not only it was started during the Japanese Administration, moved around in Kitti Municipality, and ended up in the location where it stand today, but many families came and settled with the Nanpei Family buried within the vicinity of the school – this shows the historical significant of the NMHS.

Vice President George was accompanied to the turn over ceremony by Second Lady Antilise George; Secretary Kalwin Kephas, FSM Department of Education; Secretary Sihna Lawrence, FSM Department of Finance and Administration; Mr. Dohsis Halbert, Special Assistant/Advisor to the President for Micronesian Affairs; and Mr. Herman Semes, Jr, Special Assistant/Advisor for the Vice President.