Repatriation of Nepalese and Indian Nationals from the FSM

Press Release #1608-03

Palikir, Pohnpei FSM Information Services
August 09, 2016

National Police Force Officers escorted Five Nepalese out of Pohnpei to their country of origin on 1 August 2016.  The Nepalese were part of a boat involving 36 undocumented persons, being transported by two Indonesian nationals seeking refuge in Australia and United States.  They entered Yap harbor on 18 November 2014 to seek aid. 

Since arrival of the “green boat” with the 36 undocumented persons in the FSM in November 2014, the Government had been in contact with authorities of Nepal and India to arrange repatriation of these foreign nationals to their country of origin.  The captain of the “green boat” had been jailed, tried, and convicted of entering the FSM jurisdiction illegally in violation of immigration laws and human smuggling. Under negotiated agreement with Jakarta, the two Indonesian nationals were returned to Indonesia.  In June 2016, 7 Nepalese were repatriated to Nepal.

In July 2016, Yap State Government informed the National Government that it could no longer afford to host the remaining “green boat” persons.  The remaining 27 were transferred to Pohnpei State where the FSM National Government is located.  On 1 August 2016, 5 out of 27 persons were repatriated through an organized escort departure involving the National Police.

Of the “green boat” people, 4 have been screened by the United Nations Refugee authorities as meeting the eligibility criteria for refugee status, and are currently awaiting transfer to a third country.  The FSM Government has indicated its desire that the refugees be relocated elsewhere at the earliest possible time.

18 Indian nationals, still awaiting travel documents from their government are scheduled to be repatriated within the next two weeks, and will be escorted by members of the National Police force when travel arrangements are confirmed.