Improved Border Management System” is Operational in FSM
U.S CODEL Professional Staffers Visit the FSM
President Manny Mori calls on the people of FSM to eat more local food to offset higher rice prices
Mexican Special Envoy Visits the FSM
Micronesian Transnational Crime Unit Commence Operation in FSM
Navy Admiral Keating visited FSM
President Mori calls for greater Congress prioritization of national needs
FSM President expresses support for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Turkey-Pacific Island States Conference in Istanbul, Turkey
President to Deliver his State of the Nation Address
Asia Pacific Air (APA) Incident
FSM Chief Executive Council Concludes Successfully in Yap
FSM President attends the 9th Micronesian Chief Executives’ Summit
Vice President Alik L. Alik Addressed the 12th FSM National Close-Up Participants
President Emanuel Mori Continues Mission throughout FSM with State Visit to Kosrae
President Mori’s Meeting with Rear Admiral William D. French
President Emanuel Mori Continues Mission Throughout FSM with State Visit to Yap
Yosiwo P. George Presents Credentials to President George W. Bush
Ambassador Shoji Sato is the 1st Residing Ambassador of Japan to the FSM
Congressional Act Becomes Law without President’s signature
President Mori for His State Visit to Chuuk
Election Result for Chuuk ED #2 Officially Declared and Certified
President Mori Declared July 12 as Law Day
President Mori Declared June 15-21 as National Men’s Health Week
Opening of the 1st Meeting of the Micronesia Challenge Working Groups
Congressional Acts signed into Law
NORMA is Congratulated on Approved Proposal
Visit Declares Madolenihmw High School a Pilot School