President Calls for Third Special Session of FSM Congress
Vice President joints conference on “Business Opportunities in the Micronesian Islands” on Guam
Congressional Act 15-17 signed into law
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Research Underway in the FSM
National Election Commissioners Re-Nominated
1st Asia-Pacific Arts Festival
President Mori Signs the FY08 Budget
FSM Citizens eligible for free legal services
President signs more bills into laws
Two more Public Laws signed
President Mori to Tonga and Vice President Alik in Guam
FSM President Mori Completes Pacific Island Forum in Tonga
President Veto Congressional Act 15-16
Directors Yatilman and Nimea Sworn into Office
New Ambassador of Australia to the FSM Formally Received
President Mori receives the Ambassador of Austria
President Mori Declared November 14th as Diabetes Day in the FSM
Ground Breaking Ceremony for Pohnpei State Administration Building
New Pohnpei Shopping Center Set for Construction
President Mori submits additional cabinet nominations to Congress
President Mori receives the Ambassador of Netherlands
Congress confirms Skilling and Pretrick
FSM Government observes the FSM Veterans of Foreign Wars Day
FSM President Emanuel Mori Held an Audience with the Emperor of Japan
President Emanuel Meets With Japan Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda
FSM President Emanuel Mori Makes State Visit to China
Skilling sworn in as new Secretary of Health and Social Services
More Congressional Acts sign into law