Board appoints George to head MiCare insurance President Urusemal returns from China’s Bo’ao Forum
ICT workshop to detail telecom concepts and policies Vice President Killion calls for concerted efforts on environmental issues
JICA offers training for interested FSM citizens FSM launches issues stamp of late Vice President Tun
Public Administration and Civil Services Invitation Legdesog and Tharngan of Yap awarded Gates Millennium Scholarship
Former driver for FSM Embassy charged with passport conspiracy FSM Constitution Day Message
FSM, RMI & ROP Approves Extended COM Treaty Department of Justice files Motion to Dismiss
Emergency Managers Workshop in Pohnpei Congress opens Fourth Regular Session
May 14-20 proclaimed National Women’s Health Week
Kosrae and Yap readies for State General Elections in November
Vice President Killion attends 62nd UNESCAP Commission Session in Jakarta
FSM expresses support for US’s stand on Iran’s nuclear program
Half-mast proclaimed for the late Dr. Pretrick
FSM Congress adopts six resolutions during its Fourth Regular Session
Chuuk’s Kono wins 2006 national environment speech contest
Asher and Johnson-Asher newest members of FSM Bar
FSM Public Auditors to host APIPA 2006 Conference
JCM Tackles Ongoing Issues
Meeting of the FSM Medical Licensing Board
Court grants President Urusemal’s ‘Motion to Dismiss’
President Urusemal attends France-Oceania Summit
President Urusemal signs FSM’s first insurance law
Mi-Care opens enrollment for July
Alfons of Pohnpei clinches gold in Micro All-around