President Urusemal to meet with Chuuk Leadership President Urusemal’s Holiday Season’s Message
National Government implements new procurement procedures  Lt. Governor Yakana new Chairman of FSMSSA Board
MS Caroline Voyager - December schedule for Chuuk and Yap
Leadership training opportunity offered for Pacific women
DOI’s response to letter regarding the Education Sector grants  Japanese university extends invitation for specialized graduate studies
Board members of Micronesian Long-line Fishing Corporation to be investigated
Fishing Agreement with Korea Deep Sea Fisheries Association deferred    
Celebrating hundred years of Christianity in the island of Pohnpei    
FSM adopts new Immigration Regulation    
European Commission Ambassador Present Credentials    
President signed Agreement for Tuna Commission    
Nineteen Acts Sign into Law    
Call for Nominations to US Service Academies    
National Health Advisory    
CDA Announces new copra prices    
President to address the nation on FSM National Day    
EPIC endorses a distribution formula for compact funds    
Endorsement of tax reform program among adopted Resolutions    
Endorsement of tax reform program among adopted Resolutions