USS San Francisco Briefing

Palikir, POHNPEI (Department of Foreign Affairs), April 06, 2005 – On Friday, April 01, 2005, President Joseph J. Urusemal received Ambassador Suzanne Hale and Commodore Bradley R. Gehrke, Commander U.S. Navy Submarine Squadron 15 and Lt. Commander Douglas Lito, COMNAVMAR Civil/Military Affairs Officer for an update on the USS San Francisco grounding. Also present at the briefing was Acting Secretary Lorin Robert who reiterated FSM Governments condolence to the tragic loss of Joseph Allen Ashley, and wished for the speedy recovery for those injured during the accident. Legal counsel staff from the FSM Congress were also in attendance. Commodore Gehrke briefed the President on the exact location of the USS San Francisco grounding which he confirmed is in FSM EEZ, some 25 miles north of Satawal Island the State of Yap.
President Urusemal’s Cabinet posts complete
President submits nominations to Congress
FSM continues its effort for a tax reform
Christian heads Fourteenth FSM Congress
Construction of Tuna HQ underway in Pohnpei
Forum launches essay competition for Pacific youth
FSM observes Constitution Day
Fourteenth FSM Congress convenes Wednesday
President Joseph J. Urusemal on a Working Visit to Japan
New leadership for the State of Chuuk
USS San Francisco Briefing
Five more laws enacted from January session
President vetoes proposed modifications
Chuuk to inaugurate new leadership
Chuuk to host social security week
Matson Navigation Company to increase services to FSM
FSM Endorse Amended COM Treaty
Germany avails small-scale livelihood projects to FSM
Disability legislation among first signed laws of 14th Congress
Ambassador Kim is Korea’s new representative to FSM 
Papua New Guinea to host Pacific leaders in October 
New Congress submits 37 Bills and Resolutions to President
Bacalando and Olmstead newest attorneys admitted to FSM Bar