FSM’s first Bankruptcy Law passes with reservations
Germany’s Ambassador Weishaupt joins FSM’s diplomatic family
James named President of the College of Micronesia
Pre-trial diversion program geared towards minor violations
FSM receives Hiroshima peace stone
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Income tax incentive vetoed along with four others

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services) – President Joseph J. Urusemal has vetoed several measures transmitted by the Fourth Regular Session of the 13th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia held in October 2004.

Foremost among the President’s vetoes were two measures, the first (CA No. 13-70), proposed to create an income tax incentive for “large foreign corporations to incorporate in the FSM,” while the second (CA No. 13-74), aimed at expanding the duties of the Registrar of Corporations to include “ promoting and facilitating the formation of major corporations in the FSM.”
National elections set for next Tuesday
Five more laws enacted from January session of Congress
President Urusemal vetoes proposed modifications to judiciary qualifications
EPIC convenes for decisions and updates on economic development
President Urusemal calls for Special Session 
Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs visits Pohnpei
National elections maintains incumbents and denies changes to Constitution
Congress overrides President’s vetoes
Congress’s fifth regular session yields numerous measures
Government transfers Capital utilities to PUC
Office certifies results of National Elections