Ambassador Vornis of Netherlands accredited to FSM FSM observes First Veterans of Foreign Wars Day
China’s Ambassador Yang presents credentials to FSM FSM and Ireland establish Diplomatic Relations
Five vie for Chuuk’s at-large seat Federated States of Micronesia Prepares Hazard Mitigation Plan
The FSM and the Iceland establish diplomatic relations President’s National Day Message
Speaker Christian calls Fourth Regular Session of 13 CFSM
FSM supports inclusion of Japan as a permanent member on an expanded Security Council
The late Sgt. Soram arrives Pohnpei today
Chuuk dedicates MS Chief Mailo Ceremony launches FSM-China stamp
Pohnpei World Food Day Agricultural Fair was a Success New laws include changes to the Constitution
The FSM and Czech Republic establish relations
President’s Christmas Message
Secretary Anefal addresses 59th UN general assembly Executive presents urgent national matters in special session
Social security extents of its allotment program National elections office details upcoming election
Unstable weather postpones Chuuk Special Election Pohnpei endorsed as host of tuna commission headquarters
President Urusemal vetoes additions to Congress President Urusemal concludes state visits in Pohnpei