MOMI exits from Avgas distribution   35th Pacific Island Forum Communiqué   FSM Sergeant Soram killed in Iraq  
Twenty-three FSM Citizens Inducted into the U.S. Army   First Compact JEMCO Meeting Concludes   Vice President Killion joins business conference in California  
FSM awarded 9 million for airport improvement
Micronesian Presidents meet in Palau FSM finance officials meet on Compact compliance issues
FSM Court issues verdict on Fritz
US to increase disaster assistance to Yap
FSM Supreme Court finds Fritz Guilty
Coconut authority reduces copra price
President Urusemal, first Official visit to home state
FSM Supreme Court Grants President’s Petition for Writ of Prohibition
Compact task force brief states on implementation requirements
Paddling full steam ahead: Traditional voyaging and navigation at the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts
New US Ambassador presents credentials to FSM
Special election set for Chuuk’s 4-yr seat
Privatization committee holds first meeting
Samoa’s Forum focus on Pacific Plan
Canoe flotilla's dawn arrival signals start of 9th Festival of Pacific Arts
Pohnpei mourns the passing of Nanmwarki of Madolenimw
Eleven new laws signed
FSM and US Agree on Amendments to Compact Disaster Assistance Provisions                
FSM and US meet on nation’s budget                
FSM loses HESA Secretary Benjamin                
President amends FSM membership on JEMCO                
President Urusemal vetoes 6 congressional measures