FSM Summit issues Communique’ Bank of the FSM receives banking accolade FSM and U.S. initials treaty implementation
FSM Summit to pave road of economic growth and self-reliance COM graduates challenged to be visionaries July 12 proclaimed FSM law day
EPIC resolutions preface amended Compact’s implementation President Urusemal expresses disappointment with Resolution No.13-123
President Urusemal and Yap leadership meet on typhoon
EPIC to tackle issues of amended Compact President Urusemal extends condolence to U.S.
Select Committee issues resolution on growth strategies
FSM commemorates Constitution’s silver anniversary
Recent Congress session adopts 33 resolutions
Summit sectors’ present strategic planning matrix
President Urusemal strengthens bilateral ties during China visit
Vice President Killion attends Woleai graduation
Typhoon Sudal leaves Yap in state of emergency
National budget and nominations still pending
Vice President Killion joins Auckland retreat
President Urusemal receives honorary degree
Session considers executive nominations and budget
Switzerland Ambassador Favre presents credentials