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On December 13 2001, President Leo A. Falcam has ordered the offices of the National Government of the Federated States of Micronesia in Pohnpei to be closed until Monday morning due to approaching tropical storm winds.

A tropical storm warning has been in effect for Pohnpei State since yesterday. The latest reports from the National Weather Services predict winds of up to 39 miles per hour are heading towards Pohnpei State.

President Falcam called an emergency cabinet meeting this morning to discuss the course of the tropical storm and its possible effects. He advised all employees whose responsibilities require them to be on the job to remain at work, otherwise, all national offices have been ordered to secure their facilities and shut down their operations effective 12pm today to resume Monday at 8am.

The latest report received from the National Weather Services in Pohnpei reads:


A tropical storm warning remains in effect for Pohnpei, Mwoakilloa, Pingelap, Ahnd and Pakihn as of 3am this morning. A tropical storm warning means damaging winds of 39 miles per hour are possible within the next 24 hours.

Residents of Pohnpei, Mwoakilloa, Pingelap, Ahnd and Pakihn are urged to prepare for strong winds, heavy rain showers, landslide, hazardous surf and storm surge. Small crafts should remain in port, power and city water outage should be expected.

At 3am, tropical depression 31W was located near Latitude 5.3 degrees north and Longitude 159.2 degrees East… or about 130 miles Southeast of Pohnpei…110 miles Southwest of Mwoakilloa…and 115 miles West-Southwest of Pingelap.

Tropical Depression 31W is moving North at 7miles per hour. It is expected to continue moving north overnight…then begin moving Northwest during the day on Thursday.

Maximum sustained winds are 35miles per hour with gust to 45miles per hour. The tropical depression is expected to slowly intensify…reaching the Tropical Storm intensity by Thursday morning.

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