12th FSM Annual Report
FSM Appellate Court hears what has been called FSM's most important case
Yap State Postmaster retires
Jano trial postponed
Japan will spend $4M in South Pacific
Assistant postmaster receives fraud examination designation
Appellate Court postpones State vs. FSM case
Pohnpei Attorney on trial for violating FSM weapons laws
Two teams are at a tie in Little League Baseball standings
New National scholarship board named 
Banking Board report shows banks have excess lending capacity
FSM Supreme Court issues injunction
New attorney joins FSM Department of Justice
United Nations Development Programme offers fellowship
Development competition to be held in Tokyo
US offers $2 million to improve state hospitals
FSM President responds to Chuuk oil spill
EPIC meeting produces economic resolutions
US embassy in Pohnpei padlocks Rural Development office
Vice President delivers keynote address to scientific symposium
UN competitive exams to be held
Congress quits sine die, budget passed
FSM attends UN women's conference
Xavier High School to graduate 34
Cholera outbreak on Pohnpei prompts COM-FSM to end Semester Early
Cholera prevention workshop held
Third Regular Session of Congress convenes
Headlines from New York, China and Japan
New post for Japan Official to FSM
Fiji Prime Minister's Life threatened in coup
Chuuk requires Pohnpei arrivals to have health clearance