JCN members received a nod  
FSM & Japan Sign Exchange of Note to Improve Pohnpei Port Project
High Court Rules Pohnpei State use Tax Unconstitutional
Family Genealogies and Histories on Pohnpei
Presidential Measures to extend Early Retirement Program Period
$13,000 to pay Law Suit Against the FSM Government
Ambassador of Israel to FSM Presents Credentials
President Submits FY 2000 Supplemental Budget of $ 1,635,224.18
  FSM Social Security Moved to New Location
  Congress hears recommendations for MMA Boars
  False Sakau
  Neth nomination as Deputy Secretary of HESA deferred
  Education Summit to be held in April
  Celebration of Sekere Congressional Church
FSM Telecommunications slashes international phone rates
    Round up
    Donor nations to review FSM economic policies
    Congress Repasses Vetoed Bill
    Unity and commitment pepper themes at Chuuk Youth Rally
    Economic program review takes place on Chuuk
    Civic Action Team renovates hospital wars
    Chuuk's Governor challenges the legislature
    FSM patrol boats fire on fishing vessel